Thank you to all our customers who helped us celebrate 85 years and entered to win 85% off their New Hampshire Liquor and Wine purchases! Cheers to 85 years of exemplary savings, selection, and service and to our customers who have made it all so successful.


Since its spirited beginning, NHLC has generated $3.6 billion for the New Hampshire General Fund, which is utilized for funding education, health and social services, transportation and natural resource protection. In Fiscal Year 2018 alone, NHLC set an all-time record with $707.7 million in total sales and $155.7 million in net profits. NHLC transferred $148.9 million to the New Hampshire General Fund and $6.8 million to New Hampshire’s Alcohol Abuse Prevention and Treatment Fund, which supports addiction treatment and prevention programs. Over the past five years, NHLC has worked with suppliers and brokers to raise more than $1.88 million for nonprofit organizations making an impact in New Hampshire and beyond.